Furniture Manufacturer, Specialists and Upholstery Fabric Retailers Need an Online Presence

April 20, 2021 , Furniture Manufacturers

An upholstery fabric manufacturer is a business that manufactures fabric for upholstered furniture. The business can be either privately owned or publicly traded in a stock market. A typical upholstery fabric manufacturer would produce everything from basic bedroom sets and chairs to outdoor furniture. Some manufacturers specialize in one particular product such as baby furniture, outdoor benches, children’s furniture or kitchen furniture. Most upholstery fabric makers are located in just one country, the United States. The majority of upholstery fabric manufacturers are located in the southern United States because of the cheap labor and favorable tax climates.

One of the fastest growing upholstery fabric manufacturers is Wecker. Wecker Leather is a very successful small company based in the South Carolina area that started manufacturing and selling leather products almost 15 years ago. Wecker has been able to maintain its competitive advantage by offering excellent customer service, state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, a strong distribution network and a quick-ship system. By maintaining these strengths, Wecker is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing furniture manufacturer in the upholstery industry.

Another very successful furniture manufacturer in the upholstery industry is the craftsmen and women’s team known as Amboyna Burl. The team consists of talented craftsmen from all over the world that have made a name for themselves by specializing in producing burls, moccasins and bucks. With their extensive knowledge of different types of natural fibers, they are able to produce a high-quality burl to meet any dĂ©cor. They have also produced handmade kids’ Upholstered products using top quality materials.

While many of the upholstery fabric manufacturers have local retailers available, some companies simply do not have enough exposure in the North American retail community. Many craftsmen do not wish to leave their home countries where they live to work in a strange environment. Many international retailers of upholstery fabrics will only deal with those craftsmen and manufacturers that they know their work well. For retailers that wish to work with the best, it is often best to find a local furniture manufacturer that can provide quality work with a large network of retail partners.

Many businesses have realized the benefits of having an internet presence. By having an online presence, companies can reach a much larger audience and expand their customer base. Furniture retailers can use this same strategy to increase their clientele. For small upholstery fabric retailers, having an internet presence will increase their credibility with consumers looking for custom made furniture.

David Bailey, CEO of E-Commerce Foods, Inc., in Toronto, Canada, agrees with many of the points made by Thomas Wecker, owner and founder of Wecker Gallery in Los Angeles, California. “Online retail has changed everything,” says Bailey. “Offline shoppers now have the power to dictate where they buy because they have the leverage to tell retailers what they want. Consumers want choice and they are making it happen every day.” As consumers dictate the way furniture is produced, retailers must continue to work toward offering choices and increasing consumer awareness. With more furniture being manufactured online, the future for the upholstery fabric trade looks bright indeed.

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